She is me

She who is restless sometimes. She who is rooted sometimes. She who feels homeless. She who finds her home in the woods and the sea. She who is so happy. She who is so sad. She who gets lost. She who finds her path. She who walks her walk. She who lets the universe guide her. She who is aware of her flaws. She who is aware of her strengths. She who knows that sometimes her path was steep and draining. She who knows that her path will lead her to where she belongs. She who knows that she, just like water, needs to continue flowing. She who feels the urge to leave whenever she arrives somewhere. She who longs to arrive as soon as she has finally left. She who seeks solace in men. She who knows deep down that only she herself can provide solace. She who is a lonely wolf. She who condemns the human race for all of its wars and destructive behaviour. She who seeks to free herself of society’s expectations and restrictions. She who gets lost in her own phone. She who tries to run, run, run from everything and everyone. She who realises that she cannot run forever. She who is out of balance. She who seeks to find balance. She who goes from one extreme to the other. She who loves life. She who is like a box of hidden treasures no one ever gets to see. Because she, she lets people only catch a glimpse of her insides but never lets someone truly know her. She who feels so vulnerable. She who pretends to be invincible. She who sometimes struts. She who sometimes wishes to be invisible. She who longs to fly. She who longs for a home. She who wants to be free and grounded all the same. She, a woman of contradictions and mysteries. She who trusts. She trusts in the universe, she trusts that she will find her way, that she, as a unique being, is wonderful and blessed. She is happy. She is me.

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