The desire to be liked (and what chocolate muffins have to do with it)

Isn’t it natural to feel the desire to be liked? I wanted to free myself so badly of this desire, this desperate need as a part of my strive for absolute freedom. I basically wanted to acquire an IDGAF-attitude towards everyone and just do my thing, whatever the consequences. And I can proudly say that I managed to free myself of the desire to be liked by the general public. But I just can’t seem free myself of the burning desire to be liked by people I like.

But in the end, if we as humans didn’t at least feel the desire to be liked by some people, the world would probably drown in even more wars than it is today and we wouldn’t pay respect to anyone anymore. So I guess it is only natural and also good to feel the desire to be liked back by people we like. That is not to say we should depend on people we like to like us back, we should be able to exist without their approval. But I guess it makes life more beautiful to have people around you that you like and that like you back. And if you’re lucky, these people like you unconditionally. So you can be your true self and be liked for who you are. So your IDGAF-attitude doesn’t have to clash with your desire to be liked by people you like: you can do what feels right regardless of what the general public might think and celebrate your true self while being liked for it by the people close to you. Heaven. So thank you, my dearest friends for accepting and liking me for who I truly am. You fulfill my desire to be liked without forcing me to bend (and possibly break) as the price to pay for it. I have so much love for you all, I love you as much as I love vegan chocolate muffins (which means a lot, trust me).

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