Happy days

Happy days. Sometimes, it seems like a lifetime ago since you last experienced them, and a faint memory is all that’s left of it. Everything seems to go wrong, you fall down one too many times, you sleep badly, no appetite, no energy left… Those are the rainy days that you passively watch pass by with a clouded mind, clouded like the sky outside your bedroom.

But then, all of a sudden, when you least expect it and are ready to drown in self-pity and a sea made of tears, the sun comes out. It illuminates your face, and like a flower you start to bloom as its rays reach you, you finally feel alive again, full of energy and gratitude. Gratitude for the simple and yet so amazing fact that you are alive and well. You are happy, optimistic, making silly jokes. And there is that deep trust again, in the universe, the world. A trust that has always been rooted within you but which has been buried deep in some hidden corner of your soul during the dark days. Faith in mankind is restored. Everything that seemed pitch-black before is coloured in sparkling rainbows now. The music you listen to seems more upbeat. The food you eat more delicious. And you realize that you are standing at the top of the mountain again. After a long, exhausting climb, you finally get to enjoy the view. You’re staying for a while, lingering around and basking in the sun until life pushes you onwards, onto your next adventure. The ride takes you downhill until you realize you’ve hit rock bottom once again and the whole climbing starts anew.

There are always going to be mountains. You’ve conquered one and the next will for sure be waiting. Life will never be plane and flat. It will be hilly, sometimes mountainous. And that’s good. Imagine all the breath-taking views, all the euphoric highs you would miss if life was a flat plane! Imagine how bored you would get. The big challenge in life is to see beauty in both – not only in the view, but also in the climb. To appreciate the darkness of the night as much as the light of the day, the rain as much as sunshine, the cold of winter as much as the warmth of summer. Life moves in seasons, and these seasons add seasoning to it (get it? they are the spice to life! I’m in my happy silly mountain top phase right now so bear with me while I make jokes like that). Be grateful for it all. And if the climb seems unbearably steep and hard some days, just remember – the harder the climb, the more beautiful the view.

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