Do the best you can in this life

As I continued to think about life and death, I was wondering whether the belief in being reborn will diminish my determination to do good in this life. Will my quest for greatness be weakened by this belief, as it offers the comfort of knowing that everything I didn’t manage to achieve in this life might be achieved in the next, or the one after?

The answer for me is definitely a big fat NO! As we all know, a stitch in time saves nine. This is not only true when it comes to tasks that could be done today and thus shouldn’t be suspended until tomorrow, but also when it comes to your lives. What can be achieved in this life should not be suspended. We’re here for a purpose, each life we live has its own, seek it, live accordingly, fulfill it! Each life you live offers you a chance to grow wiser, stronger, more resilient.  Don’t waste the chance, take it.

Life’s purpose to me is not primarily about surviving. I have the privilege of not having to worry about whether I’ll have something to eat or somewhere to sleep tonight. My survival is secured so far. So instead of surviving, my purpose in life is to thrive. To thrive and do the BEST I can do. The best you have ever seen. I won’t follow anyone’s path, I’m born to lead the pack, to seek the wild. Instead of getting lost in the woulds and shoulds and coulds, I just do what I’m meant to do, I do what I want to do. I’m more afraid of the regret of not having done something than I am of making mistakes. Mistakes are never a loss of time. Mistakes teach you lessons, and lessons learnt are always a win. So whatever you do, whatever the outcome, you can’t lose, unless you don’t do it at all. Then you lost a chance. But if you take the chance and it goes terribly wrong, at least you learnt your lesson, so you won. A learning experience is never a waste of time. So however this is going to end, this blog project, this digital nomading project – the outcome will be beneficial to me. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Failure is relative and lessons are only hard if we don’t want to accept them.

START NOW to make your dream a reality. Know your passion. Lead the way. Don’t let anyone intimidate or scare you, put stone after stone down until you built an empire, until your wildest dreams are fulfilled. Stay consistent. Stay true to yourself! Don’t let others misguide you. You yourself know best what’s good for you, you know where to go, what path to follow. Don’t be afraid to walk alone for a while. Let your inner light guide you, stay wild, free and woke.

Just watch me do it. Watch this space. Great things are coming your way, as I’ll leave a legacy behind that will by far survive this current life of mine.

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