Why I dress like a man sometimes

Recently, I was wearing the look pictured above – Chucks, jeans, a sweatshirt and a simple black tee underneath.  While I was walking the street, I thought „this entire look could be worn by a man or have been taken out of a man’s wardrobe – it’s not very feminine“. Already the next second I realized how stupid that thought was. Who defines what’s „masculine“ and what’s „feminine“? Why are we expected to dress according to our gender? Why is the pink dress I wore the other day classified as feminine while an oversized sweatshirt and jeans combination is seen as masculine? Why are shops divided into men’s section and women’s section? Why can’t everyone just choose from all the clothes, pick whatever they like? I’d like there to be one single department in every shop. What’s deemed as „Men’s fashion“ and „women’s fashion“ all mixed up. A label-free shopping experience. There are a lot of unisex lines taking over the market at the moment. But they usually consist of clothes that are deemed appropriate for both genders to wear (when in fact there are more than two genders, but that’s another topic) – slightly oversized clothes in neutral colours such as black, navy, white and beige. You don’t see anything that is too „womanly“ or „manly“. But why can’t clothing just be unisex in general? Everything available to everyone? Who’s decision that pink is a colour to be worn by women and not by men? Interestingly enough, it seems to be a lot more accepted by society when a woman wears what is defined as men’s clothes. Women wearing their boyfriend’s, brother’s or father’s shirts, hoodies or t-shirts has become a common sight. However, a man wearing „woman’s“ attire is a very rare sight still. No wonder considering the possible reactions to it…

I’m just so sick and tired of these labels society wants us to think in. I am not more of a woman in a pink dress than in jeans and a sweatshirts. Clothes don’t define me as a person. Why can’t we just let people wear whatever they like? Whatever they feel like? Most days I feel like wearing comfortable clothes – slightly oversized, never a bra, casual attire, sneakers, flowy shorts, soft sweaters and loose t-shirts. Other days I feel like dressing up. I might feel like wearing a golden dress one day and trackpants the next. And everyone should have the right to wear whatever they feel like that day, whatever expresses them well, whatever they please. They should not have to dress according to their body type or their gender. It is none of our business and we are in no position to judge other people’s clothing choices. Just let them live for fuck’s sake.




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