Comparison kills

Comparison kills. It leads to envy when others seem to do better than you, it evokes hubris when you think you are doing better than the rest. Either way, comparison brings forth negative emotions, comparison is poisonous. It hinders my journey to self-love. It is deceiving, especially in today’s age with our extensive use of social media. It’s easy to forget that people don’t look the way they look online 24/7 – if they even look remotely like they do on social media in real life at all. It’s easy to forget that while most people seem to live thoroughly happy and fulfilled lives on social media, we all tend to share the good moments only. We all post the glorious, fun, interesting moments of our lives, we share our travels, we share the happy times. We choose flattering angles. We all do it and we all know it. The life portrayed online is not real. It may be a part of real life, but it is not all of it. But this knowledge is easy to forget when caught up in the poisonous act of comparing yourself to others.

I need to constantly remind myself that I run my own race. I don’t have to be the fastest, the best, the most successful. I strive to grow, to take good care of myself, to do the best I can every day and to become a better version of myelf. It serves no purpose to compare myself to anyone but me. Because everyone is running their own race, everyone is trying to achieve different goals, everyone rates  their lives according to their own values and standards. It does not matter what people around me are doing, how fast they are – their pace should not determine mine.

I am happier when I’m not comparing myself with others. I am happier when I focus on myself, on self-love and self-development. I am more relaxed because I can go at my own pace. And I am more productive, because I spend time watering my own grass instead of constantly checking whether other people’s grass is greener.

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