Perfect day

Some days are just perfect. Today was such a day, and that statement means something coming from me – I rarely use the word „perfect“, as I don’t necessarily believe in the concept of perfection and stopping to strive for it has been one of the best decisions I ever made. But let’s put these philosophical musings aside for now and just appreciate the beauty of these last days of summer with autumn waiting around the corner. These days are magical. The light turns golden, the birds start to migrate southwards and you see them leaving town in flocks, flying high above you. Every sunray becomes precious and treasured, as it could be the last of the season.

As I sat by the river today, looking out into the glistening water, reminiscing about past summer days spent at the sea, swimming in the river, eating icecream, laughing with friends, reading in the shade of a tree, reminiscing about late summer nights and bike rides in the early morning while the air is still brisk and fresh – i realized how blessed I am. Blessed to be alive and surrounded by such beautiful people inside out. Blessed to have lived through another summer making marvellous memories. Every day is a gift, and today was an especially cherished one.

Today was spent with a dear friend eating delicious vegan food at a local food market (chapati pojo! Kenian flatbread with lentils, yes please), sitting at the Rhine, chatting and getting sunkissed, being silly together and mainly just being happy. So so happy.




Also, check out that funny little guy I met! I love how his face is yellow like the sun, though judging by his expression he doesn’t seem to spread the same happy energy as the sun does… Tried my best to mimic him in the second picture, maybe I should look into acting, my interpretation is pretty neat I’d say 😉





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