The power of music

The songs we listen to on a daily basis shape our thinking. They influence our mood and emotions and consequently our actions. That’s why I can’t get enough of songs that boost my feeling of self-efficacy, that motivate me to work hard on myself, that give me self-confidence and fill me with happy energy. Songs that encourage me to do my best, to make my wildest dreams come true. Songs that make me feel like anything is possible and that I’m strong, powerful, invincible even, that I’ve got what it needs to overcome any conceivable obstacle life might throw my way.  Songs that encourage me to do me, to always stay true to myself.

And I guess we could all use more songs like that in our lives, instead of the same old sad songs about heartache or these songs of men singing about women as if they were mere objects. We gotta do better than that, and thus, here comes my playlist for a successful start into autumn, into the new season – make the most of it, don’t get stuck thinking that you can’t make a change – your actions will add up! You have to start somewhere, and we all start small. Stay consistent, and you will grow, you will reach your goals, you will achieve what you always dreamt of. Don’t live a passive life, don’t watch chances pass you by. Life is in your hands – you decide how it unrolls, what direction it takes. Do the best you can, now and always.

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