Thailand: First update

I’m really just in such high spirits right now! Travelling is the best thing that I could do in my life, this is the best time I ever had, this is the time of my life! It’s such a fantastic crazy intense learning experience here, I love travelling around, and Thailand is really just the best place to go solo travelling. You never feel alone, never feel sad, or at least not for long, just step outside the door and you will find enough people to cheer you up with their happy honest energy. Love it here. Absolutely lovelovelove it. Also, not staying too long in one place (Koh Lanta 4 nights, Koh Mook 2 nights, Koh Lipe 3 nights and now Krabi) has surprisingly been my jam so far, I thought I would nest somewhere and not leave anymore but I’d rather go about and get more experiences, get to know new people, new areas, new islands, do new shit. It’s crazy good. and I’m so happy that I chose to do this instead rushing myself to do some university degree. My youth will be over fast enough so better make the most of it while I can, enjoying life to the fullest, staying free and happy and honest and glowing. so much love. I never felt better and more relaxed and happier in my life. I’m so chill, it’s unbelievable – free of any fears, free of any bonds, just flying high and hopefully never falling low haha, I’m also really chill when it comes to food, no more rigid rules, if I get offered traditional homemade dessert by my fave thai lady on Koh Mook I’m eating it, vegan or not. I still believe veganism is the solution to many problems this world has to face, but still it’s important that I keep some sort of balance. Never felt better really. Never been more at peace with myself, my life choices.  When I come back home, I want to come back home with a Thai heart. But more on Thai hearts another time. It just feels so good to be here. Forever grateful.

What I did so far in a nutshell: Riding a scooter around Koh Lanta with some guy I met at a beach bar, hiking through the jungle to get to the waterfall, relaxing at the beach with friends from the hostel:









Went to Emerald cave on Koh Mook which was absolutely fantastic, especially swimming through the pitch black cave with only our guide’s flashlight to give us some direction. Went snorkelling as part of the same boat tour and got to admire the most beautiful rainbow coloured fish and starfish as big as my belly!



On the boat from Koh Lanta to Koh Mook where I met these two Polish guys:


In front of the entrance to emerald cave:






On Koh Lipe, me and a British guy from the hostel had the glorious idea to kayak around the island. Clearly, that wasn’t realistic. As we were halfway around the islan, our arms felt like they would fall off and there was no way we could go on. I refused to set foot into the kayak again and I think he was quite done as well so we agreed on dragging the kayak all across the island back to the place we rented it. Everyone laughed at us but it was fun nevertheless haha. We also hiked up on a viewpoint on one of the small islands at Koh Lipe’s coast and went snorkelling again, the fish were even more beautiful than the ones around Koh Mook.






Yesterday I arrived in Krabi and today I hiked up to Tiger Temple. It was quite a workout, especially since I decided I wasn’t going to take any breaks and be there as fast as I can to challenge myself a bit. Needless to say I was drenched in sweat when I finally reached the top, also because I had to cover up completely in this heat due to it being a buddhist place.












4 Gedanken zu “Thailand: First update

  1. Das wäre nicht für mich. Von Bolligenbahnhof bis Bolligen sind es 134 Schritte. Normalerweise brauche ich 3 Pause. Letzte Woche mit Schnee, entsprechenden Schuhen, einen Papiersack mit Einkauf konnte ich nicht auf den Boden momentan lassen. Die Pause sind mehr als 10 geworden.


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