Thai hearts

Travelling is the most beautiful and intense experience that I have gone through so far. And I am the most privileged to actually have this experience. Thank you universe… Today really opened my eyes. Travelling alone in a country so different from the one I grew up in teaches me more than I could have ever wished for. I am becoming more open-minded and more aware of my luck, my privileges that come with being Swiss. It’s also getting easier for me to meet  new people with every day I stay here,  I become a lot more proactive, I met two new guys at the hostel today, one at the beach with whom I was hanging all day, and in the evening i went to a bar nearby where I usually had lunch or dinner and the people working at the bar and in the garden  of the resort met up to spend their happy hour together. A photographer from Berlin was there as well. We started talking and the Thai guys talked about their various jobs, they never left the island in their whole entire life, they work day in, day out at different bars from early morning to late night, they don’t have any chance to save up money to buy a house, or travel, or afford anything that exceeds basic living needs. Still, they’re happy. They are genuinely happy, they don’t just pretend to be, you can see it in their eyes, their smile, you can feel it when you’re around them. And then there’s the guy from Berlin and me, and we were talking about our jobs back home, how we were caught up in the capitalist system and everything, the stressing over insignificant things, insignifant things that seem so significant at home but lose all of their weight here, amongst these people that have so little but are so happy nevertheless. Genuinely happy. Not a glimpse of fake happiness amongst them. And so warm. So welcoming. Always ready to share what little they have with you. And I just wonder what goes wrong in our lives in Switzerland that most of us are just so stressed and unhappy when we have so much, when we should be the happiest people alive with all of our luck and our privileges… I guess we just focus on the wrong things, we prioritise money and status over love and caring for others, we stress over details in a quest for perfection that is so unsatisfactory because perfection is never achieved… And the Thais all look so young, so energetic, 10 years younger than they really are, work doesn’t seem to drain them like it drains us… It’s just a part of life to them, they don’t overthink it, they don’t get caught up in details, they share the love they have with everyone around and so in the end staying in Thailand just feels like getting a big, warm hug. I went home at 1am in the dark streets lit up by the stars and the moon feeling safe and warm inside, and I looked up at the stars and if I had one wish, I would just wish to become as happy as them, no matter the circumstances. To live with a smile on my face and an open heart and a generous soul. But I guess it’s also easier to be that person here than in Switzerland, surrounded by the cold, stony faced people rushing around, always after more money, better reputation, more bullshit to show off with. But I guess somebody has to start with bringing that mentality back home, and that’s my goal. It’s easy to feel grateful here, to feel happy here and to overflow with love for everyone around you, because you get so much love back and you’re surrounded by grateful people with bright eyes and open arms. The real challenge awaits me at home. But I still have some time to practice till I return, I still have some time in the land of the kind and the loving and the happy. Thank you universe for this experience, for all of my privileges, for opening my eyes to what’s really important, to what really matters in life – love, sharing, caring. Not any of these tiny details, not money, not status. And that no matter how much work you have to do, it doesn’t have to affect your happiness, your inner peace. Work is natural to humans. Work keeps us young and fresh, as long as it’s done with love. One of the waiters said that if the guests at the restaurant are happy, if the people surrounding him are happy, he’s happy. Even after 14 hours shifts, and that was only his first job of the day. My icon.
So be prepared, Switzerland – I’m coming back and I’ll share hugs and love and smiles with you all, whether you want me to or not. Let’s bring that Thai vibe, that sunshine back home and let it brighten our rainy days.

Thai hearts have set me free.
Es ist wie ein Wunder. So entspannt, so zufrieden, so einfach kann das Leben sein, wenn man sich auf die richtigen und tatsächlich wichtigen Dinge im Leben konzentriert. Ich lerne das Warten hier. Niemand nimmt es hier so genau mit der Zeit, ich mittlerweile auch nicht mehr. Ich gewinne Vertrauen in mich. Das Reisebüro in einer fremden thailändischen Kleinstadt finden? Kein Problem, geh einfach mal los und frag dich durch die Geschäfte, die werden schon weiter wissen. Und der Bus kommt ohnehin zu spät, also nur keine Eile. Kein veganes Essen, keine Möglichkeit zum Sport? Halb so wild. Ein Ei wird dich auch nicht umbringen. Und die Muskeln kriegst du schnell genug zuhause, wenn du sie denn willst. All das war so fundamental anders vor einigen Wochen. Aber das Leben gefällt mir besser so. Ich liebe mein neues Ich. Es ist so, als hätte ich alle meine Zwänge zuhause gelassen. Meine graue Hülle, die mir viel zu eng war und ich doch nicht abwerfen konnte, oder nicht bereit dafür war. Und jetzt bin ich plötzlich so frei von allem. Von allen Zwängen, Konventionen. Alles was ich spüre ist Liebe, Dankbarkeit, Glück, Freiheit, so viel Freiheit. Die Menschen hier lehren mich so unendlich viel mit ihren offenen Herzen. Genau so offen möchte ich lieben und leben können. I’m coming back home with a Thai heart and I hope I will keep it for the rest of my life. I’m coming back home as an easy-going bundle of joy and that’s what I want to be forever (someone actually described me as a bundle of joy a few days ago – how cool is that?!). Coming here has been the best decision of my life. I have found home here. Not in the country, not on one specific island, but within myself. I am home wherever I am because I am with me. I am with me, not against me, not trying to force me to become something I am not, not trying to change me, not trying to conceal my feelings, my emotions or thoughts – I let my inner light shine, I am me, fully, no more grey mortal apparel surrounding me, suffocating me, just honesty and love flowing in and out, in a never ending circle of life.

Ein Gedanke zu “Thai hearts

  1. Wenn ich mir etwas von Dir wünschen dürfte, so wäre es dieses:
    Bewahre Dir dieses Gefühl in jeder Situation, die Dir in Deinem Leben begegnet. Du hast einen der beiden mir bekannten Zugänge dazu gefunden, aber es ist gerade der, der in unserer modernen Welt gerne als naiv und dumm abgetan wird. Nur diese Erfahrung kann Dir niemand mehr nehmen. Bewahre sie Dir.
    Danke, das Du sie mit uns teilst.


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