Thailand: Last update

So here comes the last travel update on Thailand! I spent my last week in the land of love and happiness up north in Chiang Mai and Pai, enjoying the slightly chillier temperatures, eating lots and lots of delicious vegan food (the abundance of vegan restaurants was unreal, I spent way too much money on food but it was so worth it, especially after the „vegetable fried rice“-only diet of the past three weeks), reading in parks, hiking, exercising, meditating, getting showered by elephants… But you best see for yourself!

I went to an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai and it was the best thing ever. Really THE BEST THING. And the elephants were babies!!! So they were just superduper cute and not scary or intimidating at all and we fed them sugar cane and ananas, washed them and covered them in mud to protect them from the sun (and as a thank you for all of my loving efforts one of them showered me with water that another elephant had literally just shat into the minute before, yay). Sorry for the picture overload, I just love them all so much because it was really the best experience of my travels thus far:





Then I went up Doi Suthep with Martin the hero of Tonsai, we had an amazing view on the city at night which was kinda hard to capture in its full glory but here is a picture anyways. Then there was also a stunning temple covered in gold at the top of Doi Suthep but I don’t have any pictures of that one because Martin took them with his camera and then lost his SD card (you can see the temple here though, it was absolutely marvellous and also completely empty because we went in so late).


Some of Chiang Mai’s beauty:



A temple all in black! Loved it.


My mood when I’m hungry and don’t have any snacks with me (which happens way too often, why do I never learn from my mistakes):


Oh and I got to know Luciano who offers free hugs every day at the same spot, I went to visit him twice because he was just so adorable:


Aaaaand we move on to Pai. Pai is a cute little town up in the mountains near Chiang Mai, full of hippies and, again, vegan restaurants (guess who spent another shitload of money on food alone). It reminded me of Swiss summers up in the mountains with its foggy, freezing cold mornings and scorching hot afternoons, which I quite liked, being in Pai evoked some beautiful childhood memories. It also looked a bit like in Switzerland with all those green hills surrounding the town. I usually did some exercise in the morning in front of my hostel which had a nice view on the river, then go around with friends and eat a lot in the evening at the streetfood market because I could never decide what I want to get so I ended up getting it all.

At the canyon with Anna:




View from the canyon at sunset:


We also went to the land split together, which is basically just a split in some farmers land that got there in 2008 after an earthquake. The farmer decided to turn it into a tourist attraction and he is the most generous and loving soul, he offers every visitor home-grown, organic food and drinks for free / donation based as he trusts everyone will pay what they think is right or what they can afford. His roselle juice and jam are to die for, literally the best thing I’ve ever tasted. You can also see the farmer in the background of the third pic, just look at his smile!




DSC02722Then I went to the hotsprings, on some fun swing thing and up to a viewpoint with some other friends from the hostel:DSC02631.jpg
The view from the front porch of my hostel room:DSC02617
My morning workout got disrupted by a very charming dog:DSC02616
So yeah, thanks for the fabulous time, Thailand! I had a blast!

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