Travel diary: Scotland part 1

So after Innsbruck (still thinking back on it, it was so niiiiice!) I took the bus to Berlin where I slept at a friend’s house (one of the perks of travelling is that you have friends to sleep at all over the world and you feel at home wherever you go). The next morning I hopped on the plane to Edinburgh. I have to say Scotland has never been a dream destination of mine – rather the opposite – but when I was looking for somewhere to go last minute, the flights to Edinburgh were the cheapest and as I always like to explore places I’ve never been to I decided to grasp the opportunity and go on an adventure!

First I stayed in Edinburgh for two nights and I was suuuper lucky with the weather, it was never raining, not even a single minute! Of course I had to use this rare climatic event of constant sunshine to climb Arthur’s seat for sunset on the day of my arrival and to go on a lovely morning hike the next day. Other than that I enjoyed myself walking around town (the architecture is absolutely breathtaking!), having a piece of cake here and there and eating dinner with my host Mauricio who was a fantastic vegan cook and storyteller (which turned out to be a problematic combination as I wanted to eat as much as possible because the food was so delicious but at the same time I had to laugh so hard because he was so funny that it was almost impossible to eat). This being my only problem during my stay in Edinburgh goes to show that I had an absolute fab time there haha 😀

From Edinburgh I moved on to Glasgow and as soon as I stepped out of the train station it started to rain (heavily, in case you wonder). There it was, the Scottish weather I dreaded so much. Much to my delight, I found an amazing vegan pancake and milkshake café right next to my hostel so I stayed there most of the afternoon stuffing my face and avoiding the weather. It was glorious. Apart from that, I had the very ambitious goal to buy a bikini because I obviously didn’t pack mines as I wasn’t expecting myself to get into the water at this time of the year in Scotland. But I came across an ad for a tour that lets you swim with seals (providing wetsuits of course, but I would like to wear something underneath) and since that’s an opportunity I could never pass on, I needed a bikini! Well, it was a difficult and long journey until I finally found one on sale at H&M that even looked quite cute and cost me a ridiculous five quid (what a bargain, lucky me!). I was so relieved haha. Then in the evening it finally stopped raining and the evening sun made the city look so much nicer and created a magical atmosphere all around. It was the perfect representation of the term golden hour and I was so happy to stroll around and bask in the few rays of evening sun.

Today I first took the train, then the ferry and finally the bus to Tobermory on Isle of Mull. I went here for the sole purpose of participating in that swimming with the seals tour (which is not even granted to take place as it depends on the weather, but you know me, I don’t shy away from risks haha). It was raining all day, it is still raining, the only B&B that had free beds is a thirty minute walk out of town (if it’s even appropriate to call it a town, it’s so freaking tiny) and there is absolutely NOTHING  to do here. I am literally in the middle of nowhere, the only other living being is the odd sheep here and there happily grazing while getting soaking wet. This is the place I could imagine being cosy and nice for a romantic get-away but as I am here on my own, I really don’t know what to do here apart from blogging, reading the one book that I brought here and going for walks in the pouring rain (which doesn’t seem too appealing to me to be honest). So as you can imagine, I’m not very impressed by this place (yet). But who knows, maybe the sun shines tomorrow and maybe / hopefully I get to swim with seals on Wednesday. And if not I will just practice patience and coping with infinite boredom. If anyone of you is a buddy of the weathergod, please tell him to get the sun out! Thanks.

P.S. even if it might seem that I am a bit frustrated right now (which I am, but only because I’m a child of the sun and I feel abandonded by it), I am quite positively impressed by Scotland so far – the landscapes are marvellous, the cities are beautiful with their distinct architecture, there are vegan treats at every corner, even here in this teeny-tiny village, I like people’s sense of humour and their friendly attitude… I just wish it would stop raining.

In the meantime I’ll hook you up with some pics of my Scotland trip up until now!

Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh:






View from the apartment and a well deserved pizza after the hike topped with very questionable vegan cheese (at least they tried hahaha):



Glasgow’s got it’s evening glow on! I also like the industrial feel of the city:







Getting on the ferry from Oban to Mull today, making good use of the five minutes of sunshine:


And some of the ferry views! Scotland is beautiful, there’s no use in denying that, even in the rain the landscapes are charming. Also, don’t ask me where that rainbow is coming from, I didn’t see a speck of light and as far as I know it needs both sunshine and rain to create a rainbow..? Maybe it was my then still sunny spirit? 😉






Sooo lovely people near and far, cross your fingers for me so I get to swim with the seals and so I can hike in the sun for once, that’d be nice. And otherwise you’ll hear from me here as I won’t have anything else to do than blogging all day every day haha. Lots of love and warm hugs from cold Scotland! xx

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