Travel diary: Scotland part 2

So the fact that you haven’t heard from me earlier goes to show that I had a grand time here on Isle of Mull, against all expectations after my arrival in the pouring rain  (read about it here) – I was quite disheartened at first to say the least and expected nothing but boredom and frustration in this remote place. But, when the hopes are that low you can’t get disappointed at least and it can only go up from there, right? And it actually did get soooo much better the next morning when I got up and the sun was rising over the fields surrounding the cottage, not a single cloud in the sky. Then I went downstairs with a grumbling stomach and the lovely lady from the BnB offered me porridge with fresh fruit while her dog (cutest one I’ve ever come across) sat on my lap and licked my face, what a fantastic start into the day! After downing the delicious porridge in one go I hopped on the bus in the direction of Iona only to discover that the connecting bus went two hours later. But who am I to waste my precious holiday time waiting for buses?! I wasn’t having any of it so I decided to hitchhike the rest of the way, which to my delight worked out perfectly fine – the first ones to give me a lift were a Swiss couple, what a coincidence! After they dropped me off at a crossroad I got picked up by a lovely Scottish family and after they stopped to go hiking I got to hop into a truck delivering bread to the bakeries around the island.  The driver was super nice though very hard to understand with his broad Scottish accent and as he had to stop every now and then to get out a load of bread I got plenty of picture opportunities along the way. So I made my way to Fionnphort just fine and from there I took the ferry to Isle of Iona. What a truly marvellous place!! There were many historical Christian sites to visit but I wasn’t much interested in them and left them to the busloads of elderly people to look at. Meanwhile I strolled to one of the beaches on the island and was stunned as I set sight on finest white sand and clear blue water – something I’d expect in the Carribean, but not necessarily in Scotland! But well, I’m not complaining when there’s a nice surprise waiting for me haha. So I donned on my newly acquired bikini and jumped into the (very refreshing aka freezing) sea, swam for a few seconds that felt like hours and then ran out of the water and happily wrapped myself in the towel. There’s a certain happiness that comes from swimming in cold water that can’t be compared to anything else and I couldn’t stop smiling after getting out of the sea – people were passing by and asking me how it was and I just said „very cold – but absolutely FANTASTIC!“ (strangely enough they didn’t want to try it themselves though haha).

Then I took the bus home and fell into immediate and deep sleep. Today I got blessed with glorious weather once again, so I seized the opportunity and hitchhiked to Calgary bay to visit another beach (it’s said to be one of the best on the island and I wasn’t disappointed!). I hopped into the sea once more, swam even longer than yesterday as there was less suspicious stuff in the water that scared me off a little yesterday (I guess it was algae but I kinda prefer the sea when there’s absolutely nothing except sand and water haha), had a warming butternut soup after and hitchhiked back home to Tobermory (one of the rides was again offered to me by a Swiss couple, this time they were even from Basel itself and their BnB was right next to mine – the world is tiny!).

So in the end I had a terrific time here on this remote island – surrounded by beautiful nature and super friendly people (and dogs!), enjoying the seaside (even though I didn’t get to see the seals) and the tranquility, trying new things (my first time hitchhiking) and basking in the sun day in day out. Thank you thank you thank you it has been more than perfect and I am eternally grateful to live the life I am living ♥♥♥ So here’s to more adventures, may la vida loca continue forever! Cheers and hear from you soon, besos y abrazos y cuiden se mucho mucho! (And till then, here are a few pictures of the past days on this wonderful island):

















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