Travel diary: Scotland part 3

So after having a fantastic time in Edinburg, Glasgow and Tobermory I went on to explore Perth and to visit one of my dad’s friends there who was according to him very nice and inspiring. I can absolutely agree to that, she was an incredible woman who juggled being a mother to a young child, a wife, a suicide prevention worker and an artist at the same time, and while she was extremely busy as you can imagine, she always found the time to laugh with those around her. So I was very happy to be her guest and to be surrounded by her positive attitude and to get an insight into her great mind. Perth itself though didn’t impress me much, not when I arrived and, unlike Tobermory, my feelings towards this city didn’t change at all during my stay. To be honest, I just think it’s a boring mid-sized English town with very little to do and significantly less charm than the other Scottish cities I’ve been to before. But the fact that Perth didn’t please me much actually turned out to be very beneficial, as it led to me googling for nice beaches and nature spots in the area. I stumbled across St. Cyrus National Nature Reserve which includes an amaaaaazing beach which was easy to get to by public transport. Jackpot! The beach was by far the most impressive one I’ve seen on this trip as it was really endless (seriously! it went on as far as the eye could see!), completely empty, super clean and right behind it were the Scottish highlands. I was so happy as I walked barefoot on the soft sand warmed by a morning of sunshine and of course I couldn’t resist a quick dip in the sea (that made it three times of me swimming in Scottish waters which is an achievement I’m obviously very proud of haha – Guiness world records, I’m waiting for your sponsorship!). I was also really lucky with the weather because as soon as I got out the sea and got halfway dressed, it started to pour down and I had to flee the beach as the sky became dark grey within seconds and it started to get quite uncosy and cold. So I drank a nice cup of tea at the local bakery (how British haha I should apply for citizenship in the UK! I don’t fear cold water, I like to drink tea AND I’m into a morbid sense of humour – that’s about all it takes to make me one of them, no?). Anyways, I will look into that later. I went back to Perth and was very very happy as the sea always makes me happy and stunning beaches like that make me especially happy. The next day I went back to Edinburgh where I spent one last evening con el Chileno loco. I then flew to Berlin where I got my remaining baggage and took the train to Hasenholz where I started to volunteer at an animal sanctuary (more on that in the next post, let’s just say that this is a true challenge for me and I wish I was back in Scotland about a thousand times a day. But sometimes it’s also quite enjoyable and in general I learn so much here so that’s good – it sure isn’t a waste of time! Just very challenging in many aspects).

So here are the remaining pictures of beautiful Scotland! I enjoyed my time there, especially as the scenery and the architecture never failed to astonish me, but to be honest I was quite happy to get off the plane in Berlin and be able to put on my shorts and my T-Shirt again first thing at the airport – I guess I’ll just always be a summer child.

On the ferry from Mull to Oban, cold grey windy and wet but I was still so happy to be surrounded by the sea [and also, in this weather you’re the only one on deck which is quite nice as it gives you free view on everything that’s around (mainly water but yeah)]:



The only good shot of Perth I got haha. I swear it’s not as pretty as it looks here, this is just the city’s best angle:


And the beach in St. Cyrus! Endless in both directions and impeccably clean and white and soft, what a dreeeeeaaam! (You can already see the clouds creeping up at the horizon though – that made feel a bit uneasy haha maybe I’m not that British after all).






And one last look at Edinburgh’s famous castle!


Happy meeee, regardless of the weather. Thank you Scotland, you’ve been marvellous and enduring the cold was more than worth it for those views. Also, people of Scottish, you’re the nicest! (Probably because you need a sunny spirit to do the sun’s job of brightening up your day – so stay shining!!)


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