Travel diary: Bangkok

So when I left Istanbul I was obviously a little sad as I had to switch from one of my favourite places on earth to one of my least favourite ones, Bangkok. But honestly, since I arrived here I had such a fantastic time and even though the city might not be my jam, the people most definitely are.

I honestly believe that I could probably go anywhere in the world right now and I would have a good time just because of the mindset I’m in. I’m happy, I’m smiling, I’m ready to take whatever chances I get and damn, there are so many out there! And it might sound cheesy but seriously, you get what you give and when you go through any city with a smile from ear to ear and a positive attitude you will attract people that are fun, happy and positive too. And with those people around you, the place can be as ugly and shitty as it gets but it doesn’t matter. Bangkok might not be the most charming city on earth and the few treasures it has to offer, such as the giant reclining buddha or the grand palace, I’ve already seen two years ago. So I arrived with little expectations, I booked a nice hostel and already saw myself chilling in the lobby for two days working on my laptop and waiting for my visa to Myanmar. But as soon as I got into the hostel I became friends with three super funny Americans so we hung out that night and we challenged ourselves to eat a scorpion which was actually way less gross than expected. The next day I went up the Golden Mountain Temple from where I took in the view over the city (I was once again confirmed in my belief that Bangkok is ugly) and after that I visited the flower market and Little India with yet another American I met over lunch. Then at night it was time for party with the Americans from my hostel which was super fun and entertaining. The next day I planned to just finally relax in the hostel as I was still a bit jetlagged and also happy but tired from all the activities, and I also needed to prepare some stuff for Myanmar, but as soon as I left my room I met a super cool and handsome Dutch guy who asked if I wanted to go around town with him before my flight so I of course said yes! Those few hours with him were the perfect ending to my trip, even though they were too short but I promised to visit him in Amsterdam (never say no to an opportunity to go to Amsterdam and never say no to someone beautiful inside out). So yeah, Bangkok was superduper fun and cool and awesome which was positively surprising and I’m having the time of my liiiiife!!

So dearest babes near and far, I hope you’re all well and following your passions, doing things you love and taking a chance on whatever makes your heart laugh, because for everything else, life is just way too short. Go around with a smile on your face, love life and life will love you back, promise!











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