quick update! NYC, LA, Baja California

Hola queridos amigos y queridas amigas!! Showing off the excellent Spanish skills I acquired after two weeks in Mexico… just kidding, I only spoke English so far haha. Anyways, I thought I’d give you all a quick update on how it’s going so far on the other side of the world! I didn’t bring my laptop this time round so I’m not thaaaat much into blogging right now, so if you wanna be up to date and see where I am and what I’m doing feel free to check my Instagram account every now and then: Instagram „veramarti“. There’s also some impressions on the trips following my return from Cambodia last November – skiing in the Swiss mountains, Milan for NYE and surfing in Lanzarote!

The adventure started three weeks ago in NYC. The city was like no other I’ve seen so far and we were blessed with lots sunshine and only one snowy day, so we spent a lot of time walking around and exploring. Noemi was the best company and tour guide I could wish for (❤️) and the ten days flew by in no time. We even managed to squeeze in a daytrip to Philadelphia! I was the happiest I could be and I guess that shows in the pics ☺️ Can’t stop smiliiiiiing

After our snowy goodbye in NYC I flew to LA for a quick stopover on the way down to Mexico. On the airplane I met a pilot living in LA who was super kind and gave me a ride to my hostel after showing me the private jets he flies around (they’re insane, I was so intimidated by all the luxury I didn’t dare take any pictures let alone touch anything hahaha), and the next day he hiked up to the Hollywood sign with me which was awesome!

In the afternoon I went to Venice beach which was a disappointment, it looks super worn down everywhere but whatever, I’ve seen it (Same thing goes for Hollywood Boulevard… Also, I’d say that LA in general is not the place I envision myself spending a longer amount of time, traffic is insane!! I was rather happy to leave). But the next day Jordan the pilot took me on a whale watching tour in Long Beach and it was amazing! The whales were far away but there were so many dolphins jumping around right in front of our boat, I was soooo happy to have that opportunity!

And then Mexico. Mexico has by far exceeded all of my expectations, it’s so insanely beautiful, the beaches are white and empty and long, there’s palm trees and cacti and blue skies and crystal clear water everywhere, the houses are colorful, the people super friendly, and there’s SO MUCH WILDLIFE!!! Baby turtles, dolphins, whales, whale sharks, sea lions, starfish, a million birds, lizards… Everywhere I look it’s just stunning and I’ve had the best company and I am honestly just so so so happy right now to be here. I was quite nervous to come here, you hear a fair share of negative stories, but so far I’ve really been blessed with the most positive experience. From the moment I stepped out of the airport I’ve been surrounded by the best of people giving me rides and recommendations and sharing laughs and meals. Mexico is by far my favourite country I’ve been to so far and I cannot wait to discover more of it!! Let me show what I mean, it really is paradise on earth, sometimes I can’t believe that places like this even exist… Luckiest girl alive, that’s what I feel like being here!

Now I’m on my way to mainland Mexico which is known to be quite different from the peninsula I was on so far so I’m excited for a new experience! I’m meeting up with Lesco who I met in Cambodia so I also feel more comfortable to explore the less touristy areas as I won’t be on my own. Let the adventures continue!! Besos y abrazos ❤️

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